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Posted by Traveler at Mar 23, 2011 12:05:20 AM
Eloquent install - Help
I have been using MacSword and I am trying to update to Eloquent 2.3. I am not a Mac techie--just use it for basic apps and surfing, et.c.

I decided to do a clean start with Eloquent by trashing all MacSword folders/files. Downloaded Eloquent from the Eloquent web site. Dragged to Applications folder, clicked zip file, and pop-up said it found older database which might crash Eloquent. Thought I had trashed all MacSword files/folders already and clicked answer = NO.

Now, every time I try to start Eloquent a pop-up says: "Eloquent quit unexpectedly" and I can not get it to run past pop-up with either "Ignore" or "Reopen" options. "Report" option does bring up a crash report.

I trashed all Eloquent folders/files, tried to install again, still same pop-up above appears.

I downloaded old 1.4.4 version and it works just fine.

Anyone have any idea how to help? I liked MacSword and would like to start using latest version,

Thanks for any help!

Traveler Man