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Posted by niccarter at Mar 8, 2011 3:48:25 AM
Re: e-Bible markings
Hi Bo :)

1) the aim is to eventually turn that into a proper colour picker so you can pick your own custom colour. I ran out of time in the end and implemented a short list. Hopefully I'll improve on that soon.
2) You can set a bookmark folder to have no highlight colour. Otherwise, if you set a colour, it will always highlight all the bookmarks in that folder. This is how it's intended to work, so I hope you can live with that? :)
3) If a verse is bookmarked in 2 folders, the colour that is applied to that verse will be the 2nd folder in the list, with the order determined by traversing the folders from top to bottom. So if you want a verse to be highlighted according to a certain folder, reorder the folders so that folder is at the bottom of the list. Otherwise, there's nothing I can do -- there has to be an arbitrary formula for how verses are highlighted if they're in more than one folder.

I hope that helps? :)

Thanks, ybic
nic... :)
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