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Posted by Bo at Mar 7, 2011 5:52:33 PM
Re: e-Bible markings
Good day Nic,

I tried using the new feature bookmarks (folder) and highlighting.

1. additional colors be added to the list
2. can highlighting be not applied if i don't access the bookmarks? I noticed that highlighting is always enabled. In this case if i don't access the bookmark, then no highlighting of the verse be done or applied.
3. I also noticed this in a highlighted verse: I applied a color to a certain folder. And then I also, I used a different color in a certain folder. In those two folders, same verse is included. folder 1: green. folder 2: yellow. in this scenario, yellow has always been the color from then on. is there a way in which that specific color be applied only if the verse is selected in the bookmark?

I hope this is not too much nic. :-)

Good day and God bless you!