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Posted by Ron at Feb 24, 2011 2:17:31 PM
I have an Imac, Intel core Duo, OSX 10.4.11 and these are the steps I have taken.

- Eloquent Home Page, click Download tab.

- Click MacSword 1.4.4 and when download is complete a widow appears that has a MacSword icon plus a Readmes file.

- I double click the MacSword icon to activate it and a small window appears saying - You have no modules installed. So I click O.K. and pull down the MacSword title (upper left) to Module Installer. This brings another small window saying - Do you want the remote to be checked for availability? I click yes. The Module Manager appears in a short time.

- Select the title - Crosswire (upper left) and many names appear.

- Select the refresh install source (names disappear when done)

- Re-select the title - Crosswire (names reappear)

- Select KJV Module which shades the entire line.

- Click on the task word none and pull down to install.

- Click the Process Tasks icon and the progress window appears saying the installation is in progress. BUT when finished the whole line continues to be shaded while still saying - NOT INSTALLED.

- Close MacSword, start up again with the same small window appearing as when I started which says - You have no Modules installed.

From here I can double click my H.D. icon and it has 8 items in it. Applications, Library, System, Developer, Users, KJV.conf, Modules, Abode Flash layer.

When I go to open the MacSword and look under preferences it says Volumes/MacSword. I have removed and started over a number of times and read posts, but still do not know what I am doing wrong. Have spent about 8 hrs on this, I'm tired.

Thanks in advance for any time and info.