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Posted by JonGl at Feb 23, 2011 12:56:34 PM
Re: Limiting searches i.e. search ranges

You can limit the search range.
See this screenshot:

When in indexed search mode, the right sidebar contains range options.

Oh, yeah!!! That right sidebar--which I never show when in Bible view mode! Duh. Thanks! I knew it had to be there somewhere.

Nice wiki. Lot of useful information.
Yoi probably know of our internal wiki?

Yes, and I like it, but I have a couple goals in mind with putting this on our wiki. 1. To expose the people on CATUG/CMUG more to the app (rather than Accordance), and also, hopefully, to attract more people to the group. ;-)

One of my plans, actually, is to let you take whatever you want, if you want it, for the official MacSword wiki. I would feel a bit awkward editing the official wiki, but please feel free to use whatever you want. I don't need credit, either. :-)

Btw. I didn't officially announced it but the rename it almost done.
A new version has been released and we are now hosted under a new domain:

The old domain is still active though.

Maybe not officially, but the macsword web site is announcing it. ;-) In fact, it's caused me some consternation. I purposely left out the "Eloquent" change, because you hadn't announced it, but somebody on Mac-min asked me why I hadn't used the new name on the wiki! I can't win. ;-)

Unfortunately, I need to let further work wait until next week. I have three sermons to prepare for the next four days.