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Posted by karl at Jan 6, 2011 2:35:30 PM
Re: Support 4 Graphics (Images)?
I am trying to insert an image into a ThML (dictionary) module, but receive an error message, saying something about the size of the image and also that I am not using "ImageMagick".
I am using Xiphos 3.1.3 under Windoews XP.

First, upgrade to 3.1.4, available via, just on general principles.

Second, the error message is regrettably out of date. We no longer use ImageMagick internally to determine image size. The size is determined in order to resize (scale) the image within the pane where the image will be displayed.

If you are consistently getting this sort of problem, then you probably do not have the image placed correctly within the directory hierarchy which makes up your module content. By convention (and only that), one typically creates a subdirectory "images" in which such files go. Then the reference within your module's content should be <img src="/images/YourImageFile.png"> or somesuch similar thing.

The other possibility is that the image's type is not known, though this is unlikely. Xiphos (using GTK) understands at least gif, jpg, bmp, and png.
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