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Posted by Bo at Dec 6, 2010 7:12:40 PM
Problem downloading modules/search index
Good day Nic,

I have problems downloading some of the modules and search indexes.

With the modules, downloading hang up after it reach the max of the progress bar. Usually if the download is complete, the page will go back to the description disabling the "Installed" button at the upper right. But this thing doesn't happen anymore. And also, some of the modules can't be downloaded. With the previous versions of Pocketsword, it can be done.

With the search indexes, same issue arises. I've downloaded only the KJV index but getting error downloading ESV and other versions.


I did a workaround in "installing" some of the modules. Tried it though if it will work out and it did. i have an Iphone Explorer program installed in my PC and browsed the Iphone's file directory until i found the Pocketsword app directory. I then copied the extracted modules to its appropriate folders (modules, texts). Actually, this process bypasses the Module Maintainer Mode. Do you think it caused the problems i encountered (stated above)? I am thinking of that for a while now.