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Posted by alvanx at Nov 25, 2010 2:18:58 PM
Re: German Menge-Bibel on iPhone?
There is actually no problem. What there was is there was a misunderstanding - because some guy had once asked if the text was copyrighted and the answer had been misleading; and also nobody ever took the trouble to research if this could be true.

Today I received the definite answer:
[...] Auf jeden Fall k├Ânnen wir Ihnen in der Tat nicht verbieten, die Menge-Bibel von unseren Internet-Seiten ( oder zu kopieren und in anderer Weise im Internet zu verwenden. [...]

For those of us who somehow never learned or forgot all of their German: She said they can't prohibit us from copying their text.

The Menge-Bibel-Text from "" is in the public domain and may be freely copied. I advise some of you fine module developers out there to come up with an official module very soon - I guarantee you, it would be popular!

@JesusundMohammed (interesting nick btw), if you want a homebrew module made from a source that the module developers here consider not trustworthy ( ;-) ), check here.