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Posted by troypulk at Oct 5, 2010 10:06:07 PM
Re: Thanks a lot, Manfred!
As far as I know it works for Windoze but I'm not sure I only use Linux.

The command line should be close to the same, this is what I use:

/usr/bin/osis2mod . bible.xml -z

you want to run this code in the location of your bible.xml

so put the path or location of where the osis2mod is located, the -z is to compress the files into the following.

It will produce 6 files in the Dir. where your bible.xml is located that look like this:

nt.bzs, nt.bzv, nt.bzz, ot.bzs, ot.bzv, ot.bzz

you will want to put them here:

But first rename the files that are already there so you will not over write them, like this nt1.bzs

If you just type
$ osis2mod
only in the command line you will get usage details.

If you want to update the osis2mod to the latest version go here: