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Posted by karl at Sep 24, 2010 10:46:29 PM
Re: SWORD on MeeGo?
I would assume it just crashed. The initial box would pop up telling me that I have no Bibles and I suppose asking my permission to launch the mod.mgr. Well I would hit ok, and that box would close like I guess is expected and then the mod.mgr just never would open.

If you have time and inclination, I would be interested in seeing a crash trace. The only reason I know why that would fail would be due to a bugfix already taken care of, in the version of the sword library that you've already got. Pick up this file for instructions:

I just have to try to get my 24 Bibles and 7 commentaries out of Esword and onto Xiphos because many aren't available on the Sword website. Or at least Gill and Calvin's Commentary.

Please be aware that e-sword modules are not at all compatible with Sword Project applications. The module file formats are unrelated.

As for Gill and Calvin, you can find Gill in the Xiphos repo and Calvin in the CrossWire Beta repo.

Do you have any suggestion on where I might find the sword directory to extract them too?

You're just dealing with minor cultural differences. In the same sense that Windows has e.g. c:\documents and settings\YourName, Linux has /home/YourName. (And Linux', actually UNIX', habit is far older than Windows'.) This is commonly abbreviated as the single tilde character (~) when referenced in typed commands. You should find a directory ".sword" (notice leading dot) in that directory, that is, /home/YourName/.sword, or just ~/.sword.
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