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Posted by karl at Sep 23, 2010 7:16:12 PM
Re: SWORD on MeeGo?
But the module manager never opens.

That's most curious. There is no way that the code path can avoid opening the module manager in that circumstance. Precisely what happens after you are told the mod.mgr will open? Does the program crash? hang? spin the cpu?

Is there an alternate way to get modules? Like direct downloads and drop them in a directory somewhere?

You can use ftp to access modules at any of the repositories. See ~/.sword/InstallMgr/InstallMgr.conf for access details (if it has been initialized). Obtain *.zip files, and extract them in ~/.sword. They will create subdirectories mods.d and modules; the former holds configuration files, the latter has module content.

Once there is at least one Bible module in place, Xiphos will not demand that the mod.mgr be used first.

But I am very curious why (how) it manages not to give you the mod.mgr.
Project Admin, Xiphos