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Posted by Osk at Sep 5, 2010 6:08:01 PM
Re: 5 years and it still won't compile.
OK, quickie tutorial on how shared libraries (including DLLs on Windows) work: When you choose to create a shared library, all of the real library content (all of the code you compiled) goes into the shared library (.dll, .so, or such). But the compiler should also produce a static library-type file (.lib, .a, or such). The latter file is used for compile-time linking to a limited extent, so that run-time (dynamic) linking knows where to find the code compiled into the shared libraries. Thus, compiling a shared library in MSVC will result in both .dlls and .libs.

Dave, you might consider looking at Zefania's content (just google them). They make all of their material available for download in an XML format. You'll want to be careful of copyrights nonetheless. Any time you distribute content without the right to do so, you open yourself up to liability (regardless of whether your upstream provider notified you that the content was under copyright).