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Posted by karl at Sep 3, 2010 10:43:50 AM
Re: NET Maps Install
Do I just copy the maps/images to a folder, or do I need to "convert" the maps/images to an acceptable format for Xiphos, e.g. something similar to imp2vs or imp2ld for bibles and dictionaries?

Regarding the images themselves, Xiphos in particular will eat any image snack you feed it. Most of the other applications will do well with most formats, but for safety, stick to JPG and PNG formats.

For a module containing images, the module's textual content needs to contain references to the images that are part of the module, referenced using the "relative root" of the module. That is, e.g. NETmaps contains textual content and index files in modules/lexdict/rawld4/netmaps, with a subdirectory images. The textual content at the top (relative root) in .../rawld4/netmaps refers to /images/map01.jpg, for instance, as though the filesystem root itself contained the images directory.

If you are simply reconstructing a NETmaps module using the images that you've obtained on your own, then you need do nothing with the textual content; simply replace the image files.

Is there an example of a conf file which you can share with me please?

On any desktop or laptop where you have a Sword app installed, look in your Sword mods.d directory, where you will find configurations for all installed modules.

Otherwise, download any *.zip module file, open it, and look at mods.d/ThatModule.conf.
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