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Posted by niccarter at Aug 27, 2010 8:18:07 PM
Re: 5 years and it still won't compile.

I personally know that there is a steep learning curve involved with working with the SWORD library. I have been on the sidelines of CrossWire for almost 9 years but only started coding a year ago, and I find that I often get stumped and then get help from people like Karl & Manfred (and others). :)

I think that unfortunately there isn't enough man-power available to be properly documenting everything as well as I (and others) would like. Yes, it is bad coding practice to not properly document things, but at the same time, we're all volunteers and because there is such a small number of us, we strive to keep our users happy and add features that are highly desired, rather than spend the required time to document things properly so that a 3rd party can come along and be contributing after 30 mins of reading documentation...

However, I have found that reading the source code of Xiphos & MacSword have been very beneficial for me. :) Seeing how other front-ends use the library helps me understand the library better, but after a year of playing around, I feel confident enough to be writing patches for the library. And then I find that they're not accepted, cause I still don't know enough about how the library works... ;) But, then again, I haven't spent the time to try to fully understand the innards of the library -- that's what the API maintainers are for, and if they ever leave, then I'll probably start taking more of an interest in what magic actually happens when I ask the library to do certain things for me.

So, my thoughts are that the library is something that you're best not playing around with. BUT, instead figure out how you can make the library give you what you want. Given that I'm an iPhone programmer, I have no idea about dlls and stuff like that, so Osk's comment about shared libraries and dlls and the like make no sense to me, and I'm very happy with that. :) But I'd encourage you to persist, as I did, and I'd be very interested in seeing what you have in mind happening -- I'm about to head into a large SE Asian country, for example, and they have uses for languages other than just English... :)

my 2 cents,
Thanks, ybic
Nic. :)
PocketSword Developer