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Posted by DavidStrickland at Aug 23, 2010 3:04:02 AM
Re: 5 years and it still won't compile.
I originally edited when I was doing it but it looks like someone has chosen to undo all the changes I made that worked for me but if I remember correctly. From my experience Utilities still blows up. ICU-Sword compiles to a dll not a lib so Lib-Sword wont compile ICUUC.Lib doesn't exist so Utilities can't compile. Anyway. Looks like I'm done trying. Not worth the effort to continue.

Concerning Format the Mod2Osis Utility will extract what I need into a format I can use. It is unfortunate that there is a attitude of protection by ignorance and obfuscation. The format could be deconstructed from a reading of the source code and the subsequent findings legally published anywhere. If theSwordProject wanted to protect the format then the source code would be copyrighted.

"Opensource" was created by those with the opinion that knowledge can be advanced most effectively by sharing it not protecting it with copyrights, patents and licenses TheSwordProject is "OpenSource" yet it seems some members of the community enjoy the power of knowledge and want to protect their position by keeping the file format obfuscated behind smoke and mirrors. When I get a chance I'll try to spend a couple more days sifting through the source code of mod2osis and get started on deconstructing the format and publish the results here on this thread and in the Wiki. That is unless the powers that want to protect the knowledge aren't the same powers that control the Wiki and the forum ;). If you come across this post and want to collaborate on this or already have information along these lines email me at davidstrickland0*hotmail