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Posted by DavidStrickland at Aug 22, 2010 3:38:45 PM
Re: 5 years and it still won't compile.
I tried the latest SVN load and I tried various tarballs. All in all in the last 48 I tried everything I could find mentioned referenced or suggested. In the end though I'm a C# developer and I once I did get libsword to compile. I had hoped to use DLLImport to call into the dll but it looks like there are to many instance methods and user classes to be able to do that with much success. I updated the Wiki entry for compiling on Visual Studio the best I could.

What it boils down to is I need programmatic access to the biblical texts. From the .Net Framework. I don't need the whole Lib just SWText I spent the last 8 hours trying to untangle the .bzz files to see if I could just write an interface straight to what I need. But I can't find any documentation on it and can't decipher what this format is of how to parse it or decompress it.

I had hoped to create a bible study website that would naturally localize to the language of the visitors browser by using the biblical text appropriate. To do this though I need access to multiple bibles in the largest possible range of languages. All the THML files are copyrighted and can't be used for anything without CCEL permission. There's virtually nothing in Osis Format or GBF. VPL and IMP are virtually non-exsistent accept I assume internally within Crosswire. Esword has a good library of Documents but their locked MDB's and they can't be used for anything without violating copyrights. By far the largest collection of Reusable Christian Documents on the web are in the Sword Projects bz? format but it is undocumented and thus unusable unless you go through libsword or I assume Jsword neither of which can be consumed on the Microsoft Framework.

In the end thanks for the response but even if I get it to compile at this point it is so far from being usable for the purposes I need as to create a mountain I probably do not have time to climb. I've been trying to get programmatic access to the biblical texts for so many years I will without doubt continue to try. Maybe after another couple years when I come back around to it I'll be able to do it.