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Posted by mdbergmann at Jul 1, 2010 12:19:32 AM
Re: MacSword 2.2.4 wont open
Yeah, I remember there was another bug in the module installer. You had to first select the line/row and then select the task.
Sorry for that. I had put all efforts into MacSword 2 but I guess another fix for 1.4 is necessary.

You don't need to add .swd modules into the module installer as source. Either you have a module source where this particular module is part of (like or you install .swd file manually and put them into:
~/Library/Application Support/Sword
which is the default module folder for MacSword.
They will then get automatically recognised.
EDIT: In MacSword 1 you can define a default module path in preferences. When installing modules manually you need to place it according to what is define din preferences.

So what you would do now is remove the .swd module source in the module installer and then either:

- re-install the NetNotes from the source.
Then add the Cipherkey to:
~/Library/Application Support/Sword/mods.d/netnotes.conf

- copy the NetNotes.swd to:
~/Library/Application Support/Sword
and add the Cipherkey inside the .swd.

Make sure you do not have two NetNotes modules installed otherwise one of them is preferred and the module installer get confused.