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Posted by mdbergmann at Jun 27, 2010 5:01:44 AM
Re: MacSword 2.2.4 wont open
I have MacSword 2.2.4 installed. It works on my profile but won't on my son's profile. Why?

That can have a lot of reasons.
What's the OS version of your son's computer?
Which Mac does you son have?
Did you update from a previous version of MacSword?
Please send a crash log to my email address.


He's on the same computer I am. He has set up a separate log in for his "stuff." We have an Intel IMac running Snow Leopard. I've tried 2.2.4 and now 2.2.2. Still won't load a workspace on his side. My side works great. There is no crash report to send.

What exactly happens? Does the MacSword application icon start jumping in the Dock?
Where do you look for the crash log?
In case you tried an old version some time ago there might be old session data lying around which causes the crash.
Try to remove both folders:
~/Library/Application Support/MacSword
~/Library/Application Support/Sword