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Posted by Ricardo at Jun 10, 2010 8:01:13 AM
Re: How to have a search by word(s)
Hi Nic,

Hi Ricardo,

I hope you finally got it to work in the end?

I got it working since your Xiphos recomendation ;->

Perhaps the only solution we should be suggesting to users should be to use Xiphos to generate the index for custom modules? :)

For the time being... yes, I think. If I had time, I would do some work on it, but this year is a very busy one.

The Xiphos way is not comfortable for mac users since there is not a native version and is another application to install; I use MacSword. For other OS maybe is different!

As MacSword's user, I would dream to have the clucene index creation within it, since I use the same modules for MacSword and PocketSword.
MacSword & PocketSword