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Posted by niccarter at Jun 4, 2010 7:39:42 PM
Re: How to have a search by word(s)
Hi Ricardo,

Right now it's a bit tricky to make your own modules that are searchable. I'm hoping to develop something that makes this possible, but my focus is currently on the majority of users, which are those that use the built-in modules.

To create your own searchable module, you firstly need to create your module (which I believe you have done!) and then you need to create a clucene index for it. I believe that Xiphos will do this for you (MacSword doesn't currently do this), and so if you install your module in Xiphos and get it to index your module, you will then find that it has created a "lucene" folder inside the module, and in that folder there will be a few files (a .cfs file, deletable & segments, or something like that!). After you have done that, you just need to ZIP up your module again, but this time with that folder in place, and then when you manually install your module into PocketSword, it should then be searchable. :)

This is all a bit tricky, but as I said, I'm focusing on features a majority of users use right now. Hopefully I will be able to make this a bit easier in the future, but I hope that the above instructions help! :) Unfortunately, an iPhone is way too slow to be able to generate a search index for us, so that's not an option...

Nic... :)

ps: yes, I know some of the Spanish strings are too long. I need to find time to fix these up a bit.......................
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