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Posted by troypulk at Jun 4, 2010 8:49:16 AM
Re: Need help with XML

I'm just realizing what the problem is.

I've checked, there is no closing </div>

I've modified the mod2osis.cpp and can produce a valid osis.xml with the EMTV bible and now I'm going through the other bible versions to see if the mod2osis is working right.

So I'm trying to find the xml error in order to go back to the mod2osis and make changes, but these errors are in the wrong places.

There should be no </div> after the chapters it should be after the books.

There should be no </osis> and </osistext> after the chapters they should be at the end of the bible, which they are so I have go back into the mod2osis.cpp file and figure out why they're being reproduced where they don't belong.

Thanks for your comment it lit a light bulb in my head.