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Posted by vonFrehn at May 6, 2004 10:40:57 PM
Re: lack of free german bible translation
Ja, ich bin reformierter Schweizer!


Support for your project: this means, to support you would actually be very simple. All I need is a copy of a Luther 15xx or Z�rcher 1531. I'll go an try to find one in the library of my parents. There's a good chance to find one!

regards willi ...

You know, there used to be a Bibel-Programm using the Z�rcher 1931 in the good ol' days of DOS. Someone online used to have a link to it, but because of copyright issues with the 1931, he removed it.

Having a copy of that would greatly expedite matters, at least where the 1931 is concerned.

I have copies of the Luther 1534, 1545, and the Z�rcher 1531 and 1931, all of which I either purchased, or they were given to me. So, I have a hard copy of the text here.

My email address is in my profile. Keep in touch with me if you really want to support one of these projects.