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Posted by alvanx at Apr 30, 2010 10:54:55 AM
Re: German Menge-Bibel
I happened to stumble over an OSIS file of the Menge Bible here. Since it is hosted by the same guy also hosting the Zefania XML modules, my guess is that he or somebody else converted it from said format.

I downloaded it and followed the steps here and here. With zero experience, I created a module that works decently, but can contain any number of mistakes (I haven't noticed any apart from versification though). I find the learning curve for module creating VERY steep, and I had basically no idea what I was doing except for what hints I found on the wiki.

I also found a raw OSIS file of the Z├╝rcher Bibel 1931 in the same place and followed through with the same procedure. Unfortunately, this Bible isn't as well-formatted and has comments and parallel passages at the end of each verse. Both should be just fine for the average user though.

I don't want other people to have to go through the same hassle, so I put my modules up for download here and here. There is a readme file contained that should be consulted.

If anyone who knows what they are doing would like to look over them and maintain them, I'd love to have contributed to this project.