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Posted by mdbergmann at Apr 29, 2010 12:27:09 PM
Re: KJV Search Problems
Well, maybe that wasn't the answer. I emptied the folders in the home>Library>Application Support> MacSword folder, including the plists, and I still get no results when trying to search.

Well you should not delete all files and especially not plist files. Except you want to loose your bookmarks and session data.
As is explained in the wiki every module has it's own index folder (named after the module) beneath the "Index" folder. So the index folder for KJV would be "Index-KJV". I would think this is quite obvious but I can be mistaken.

Are you sure you switched to index search mode in the toolbar? There are two search modes. One is reference search where you can enter verses or verse ranges. If you enter just a word here as search term for indexed search it will of course find nothing.