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Posted by chasm at Apr 16, 2010 5:50:45 AM
Re: Betatest version 2.2
I got reams of SQL errors, too cryptic to figure out at first that it didn't like the length of my post... so here's the rest



- Since fullscreen blocks out the Mac menu bar, how about a small optional clock display in the top right corner? Just black text with the time. It would be so nice to see what time it is without leaving fullscreen.

- Also, putting buttons to toggle the sidebars in fullscreen would be nice. They could even go in the floating HUD. There's plenty of room.

- I would love to see use of the Strong's Concordance and other references better integrated into the MacSword experience. What I mean is that it seems very cluttered and unintuitive to have to make ALL the Strong's Numbers appear and fill up the window, or to open them into a floating inspector. Perhaps a "Reference Click" would be a good idea. It could be that you hold a modifier key and click the word, or hover over a word and type a hotkey, and the Strong's details or other reference material appears in a popup at the word, much like he built-in functionality of the Mac Dictionary when you hover the cursor over a word, type a command, and the definition appears. Or, PC converts could have a familiar option of clicking a helper icon (turning the cursor into a question mark), and clicking the word to see references and definitions on it in a popup. However the method, it would be a useful, if even an optional way of integrating reference materials with MacSword Bible study far superior to littering a screen with numbers or perpetually occupying it with an Inspector Pane.

- To prevent clutter in such an interface (i.e. every single applicable reference appearing in that popup, for those who have lots of references), there should be a system to enable which references appear in such a popup, perhaps simply by having a preference setting so that the modules would be either checked or unchecked to determine if they appear. Alternately, the popup would by default display your default reference of choice, and you could click a plus sign (+) in the popup to add another reference, or a minus to remove one. You could also drag around the reference materials that appear in order of priority right in the popup. So if you want dictionary definitions, Strong's, Morphology, or commentary on the passage, you can get all that in a simple popup displaying the material of your choice.


Thanks for letting me try out this software. I look forward to the next installments.
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