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Posted by vonFrehn at May 2, 2004 11:27:23 PM
Re: lack of free german bible translation
vonFrehn: your project sounds really interesting, although your goal is actually in the opposite direction. To make a real old version available as a module is also quite an interesting task. This could teach me the skills needed for my project. (I seriously consider supporting you)

Well, my interest in such a project stems from my love for Reformation Bibles. I wanted to have a searchable Luther or Z�rcher, complete with antiquated Rechtschreibung (for its historical value, if anything), something no one has really done yet.

I would like to get together a team of people who either have a copy of the Luther 1545 or 1534 (facsimiles available through the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft and Taschen, repectively) or the Z�rcher 1531 (facsimile available through the Theologicher Verlag Z�rich) or at least access to one. Work on typing up the verses, line by line, then submitting it to someone like Joachim Ansorg to convert to a module.

The Z�rcher 1931 is actually the first version of the bible where I learnt from. (Konfirmandenunterricht back in 1976...) Today, I would actually classify this also as outdated and, as you already stated, the copyright is still "on".

Sind Sie Schweizer? Die H�lfte meiner schweizerischen Freunde lesen auch die Z�rcher 1931.

viele Gr��e!