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Posted by mdbergmann at Apr 5, 2010 2:25:47 PM
Re: Betatest version 2.2
However, if you change the font at all with the controls on the main window, you are presented with a blank screen, and the only way to see text again seems to be to open a new tab.

That unfortunately is a bug introduced from displaying Gen 1 when opening a new tab.
If you enter a search reference in the search field this won't happen.

Also, if you set a module default font size that is not in the pre-defined list of sizes as seen in the Font Size menu, then it will round down to one of those pre-defined sizes.

Does it?
When I set a font much larger than the largest font in the font-size drop-down for a module than it is used.
What steps do you do in order to see this?