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Posted by undercover at Mar 22, 2010 3:19:54 PM
Re: Insertion?
In version 1.x there was a service (found in any Application menu under Services) that allowed you to automatically paste scripture by typing in any references, selecting them, and hitting the key combo (used to be command+option+8 if I remember correctly), or by selecting it out of the services menu.

By default it would paste the whole thing in without verse numbers, and then below it you would get the references in parenthesis.

This was super handy for creating notes in programs like word or pages. It also pasted in as plain text as opposed to stylized text.

Not sure how hard that is to pull off, but it made MacSword one of the handiest programs for creating notes, in conjunction with any word processor. It also was handy for pasting scriptures into speed reading software like