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Posted by chasm at Mar 6, 2010 9:30:40 PM
tongue   Re: Feature request: Simplify the Bookmark System
Yes, I am referring to my "user interface suggestions" thread. If you look at my fullscreen mockup, it's designed to make it possible to hide all the toolbars to the point that the main focus is entirely the Bible text, with only a small non-invasive toolbar at the top that you use to access the rest of the toolbars and switch tabs. That's really what I think should be possible in the fullscreen layout. It's so much harder to focus on the text with sidebars and thick toolbars in my face. It's the same phenomenon with web browsers. The Internet Explorer I use at work hogs at least 30 percent of the browsing space with a ton of toolbars. I much prefer Chrome or Safari, where I get as much space as possible for the web page. It should be the same for this app, to make Bible study on a computer as feasible and pleasurable as browsing the web in Chrome.
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