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Posted by Osk at Apr 26, 2004 12:44:24 PM
Re: Standard gui
You forgot MacOS X, the web front ends, the handheld front ends, etc.

There are three answers to your questions:
1) People are free to (and do) develop according to their own interests and tastes. The developers of BibleTime, GnomeSword, and The SWORD Project for Windows are not the same people. They're distinct teams working on independent projects that all use a common API: SWORD.

2) Crossplatform interfaces do not necessarily serve anyone well. They are forced to meet the lowest common denominator of each platform they serve. That means the software for each platform is poorer than it might have been if it had been custom written for that platform and had been allowed to take advantage of platform-specific features.

3) There aren't any decent crossplatform frameworks. Qt is very expensive and incompatible with our license on Windows & Mac. wxWindows is being looked into, but has some deficiencies, compared to KDE/Qt, for example.