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Posted by southpawami at Mar 6, 2010 10:53:54 AM
Feature Request - Color options for easier reading
I'd like to request to be able to change the color of the fonts for categories... like green for the bible verses and blue for the commentaries. It'd be easier to separate/distinguish when going back and forth from commentary, morphology, and verse. Or even changing the color if it's a different color from the default language, or different colors for different languages in general. It could be like an option with options. () languages display with unique colors. sub-option (click to change display color) greek (click to change display color) hebrew (click to change display color) japanese (click to change display color) english . Also, the other could be an option (click to change display color) commentaries , (click to change display color) bible translations, etc... seems like there could be cross-complexities. Would really appreciate the features. My eyes in particular, lol.