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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 24, 2010 8:24:42 AM
Re: New to MacSword, ready to give up
Having to force quit when doing a verse reference lookup is new to me.
In case you have the background indexer enable, turn it off.
Eventually it will be removed completely with the next version because even though it is nice to have all indexes up to date it causes a lot of other trouble. One of them is that modules are locked during indexing and although this should not affect the reference lookup it does and this can make MacSword complete unresponsive.

Choosing only a chapter or a few verses does not seem to help...

Displaying chapters or even verses only should be very quick whether Strong's are enable or not.
When you select a complete bible book MacSword really pulls the complete text of the book which can be 30 or more chapters and here it makes a huge difference if Strong's are enabled or not.
BibleDesktop I believe does not pull the whole book but only a smaller part and you have to page though the book.
We could do this, too. But on the other hand it is just something you have to know to not select complete books or really large ranges.