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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 15, 2010 4:19:53 PM
Re: Feature request: Simplify the Bookmark System
Okay, so is this how the bookmarks work?

Step 1: Click "Add Bookmark"
Step 2: Type bookmark name (optional)
Step 3: Type bookmark reference
Step 4: Decide whether to have a (optional) highlighter color
Step 5: Define Foreground (text) color
Step 6: Define Background (highlight) color
Step 7: Click OK

If step 4 is optional step 5 and/or 6 is optional as well.

Seven steps? It can't be simpler? In other Bible apps I've used (primarily on iPod), it's a simpler procedure:

Step 1: Select passage
Step 2: Click "Add Bookmark"
Step 3: Name Bookmark (optional)
Step 4: Choose from a predefined set of highlighter colors
Step 5: Click OK

Hmm, I normally don't set highlight colour for bookmarks and I collect all the verses and scriptures first in a tab. When I then bookmark them (hitting the + button in the toolbar) I have those steps:
1. click "add bookmark"
2. change name
3. click ok

Why should I have to do that, when I've already selected the passage I want to highlight? (as an example, if I select John 1:3 and click "Add Bookmark", The Reference field displays the entire passage, not just John 1:3. I thus have to type John 1:3 when I've already selected it with intent of bookmarking it)

The "add bookmark" button takes whats in the search field box.

It really should be as easy as selecting the text, right-clicking it, and selecting to bookmark it. In fact, it could be simplified further...

Step 1: Select passage to bookmark
Step 2: Right-Click text
Step 3: Choose a highlighter color from the contextual menu (something like Labels in Finder)

You didn't explain to me yet what you mean with "select passage". How do you do that?
Do you mean you select text with your mouse cursor?

Yeah, I mean that can of course be done and is in fact a nice idea.

To make this system fit the needs of users, you could add an option in the preferences to define the colors and their names. The names of the colors would be used for categorizing the bookmarks. For example... Verses with yellow highlights are from personal devotions, while the blue ones are the ones I'm using in my Bible class, while the green ones are simply my favorite Bible verses, the pink ones are the passages used in that Bible Study I go to... etc.

With a system like this, choosing the highlight color in the contextual menu would automatically place the bookmark in the appropriate folder in the sidebar... Bookmarks I highlight with yellow automatically appear in "Bookmarks > Personal Devotions" in the sidebar, etc.

All good ideas. Now I just need the time to do it. :)