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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 15, 2010 5:36:28 AM
Re: MacSword Bugs
* If the Preview panel is closed, it is apparently not set as "hidden". This means that the Preview panel will automatically be open on next launch unless I select the menu option to toggle show/hide.

That's actually a pretty old one.
It was forgotten all the time.

* The bookmark system as of now is clunky, and can be confusing if not used precisely. That is, if I select a passage, the bookmark window opens and displays the reference to the entire chapter by default. I have to change it to match the passage I select.

Hmm. Can you give an example?
I tested with entering 1Tim 1:1-5 in the reference box, then hit the <AddBookmark> button and in the Boomark window both name and reference are preset to 1Tim 1:1-5.
Is this not correct?

After this is done, the highlight for the bookmark does not appear unless I toggle displaying the highlight, or if I reload the module.

Setting a highlight for a particular bookmark and switching on bookmark highlighting in general are two different things. One might not always see the bookmarks highlighted.

Request: Simplify the bookmark system. Instead of having to name the bookmark, define the passage, then define highlight, please change it so that I only have to select a passage,

Define a passage, where? In the reference box or in the text?

We will have the verse references right-clickable with context menus in the future. That will give the option to have "Add Bookmark" as context-menu item and even "Add to Bookmark" to add a verse to an existing bookmark.