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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 1, 2010 11:37:14 AM
Re: Macsword will not open
I am sorry for my mistake I have never used a forum before. I did read the other posts and tried to fix the problem according to those recommendations but to no avail. Again I am sorry. Thank you for your time

No, sorry, it's my mistake. I didn't read that you already tried removing the Sword folder from App Support.
Most crashes that people report are because of an old MacSword 1 SWORD module base.
I don't exactly know what really the problem is then but in that case removing the "Sword" folder in App Support did the trick.
Did you have a former MacSword 1 installation?

The only other crash report that I got reports was when session files from MacSword got corrupted and upon loading them MacSword crashed. In that case removing the session file worked.