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Posted by niccarter at Dec 29, 2009 6:46:53 PM
Re: Installing own modules
Ahh, ok, I create mine using Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.x) using the built-in "Compress" functionality, as described by Jon.

An example of the structure that should be inside your ZIP file is at
I have generated this using

Perhaps you could download that quick-look plugin (which I really like and advise you install cause it's quite nice (and free!), adding some quite handy functionality to Mac OS X) and compare how your ZIP archive looks compared to the one I have linked above?
Note in particular that the 2 base folders in the zip are the "mods.d" and "modules" folders, so in Mac OS X, you need to select both those folders and then right-click (or ctrl-click) and choose "Compress 2 Items" to create the ZIP archive of the correct folder structure :)

Given that this "unsupported" feature has caused the most number of headaches since release, I'm going to try to make this code more intelligent so as to try to eliminate these! :)

[EDIT: wanted to point out that the plugin is free]
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