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Posted by JonGl at Dec 29, 2009 2:34:53 PM
angry   Re: Installing own modules
Dear Nic,

Thanks a ton for working on PocketSword. I think I've got similar ZIP archive structure issues, as I can install a rawzip (e.g., ASV) locally, but not my own modules. These same modules will install via anon ftp using Macsword or Sword for Windows, so they 're basically right...

Do you have a specific ZIp program you recommend? I'm using Mac OS X (Snow Leopard).

Merry Christmas!


I think that what Nic means about proper format here, is the proper folder structure. I think that your zip utility needs to both store and unzip into the same folder structure. The bult-in MacOS zip utility (right-click or control-click on the folder you want to zip, and choose "Compress" in the popup menu (at least that's what it's called in Leopard. It has another name, but you should easily figure that out). Of course, it's entirely likely that you already have been doing this, and know what you are doing as far as zipping...

So next comes the folder structure...

You need two top-level folders:

mods.d and modules

Inside modules, you need another, named texts. Inside that, you need one named rawtext. Inside that folder, is where you put your modules.

Here's a summary:

your folder/mods.d/YourConfigFile.conf
your folder/modules/texts/rawtext/YourBibleText/*

BTW, when I zipped mine, I later realized my mistake. I forgot to add the /texts folder. Oops. blushing