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Posted by niccarter at Dec 26, 2009 7:40:37 PM
Re: Installing own modules
It would seem that your zip archive wasn't in the correct format, then. Inside the zip file there should be 2 base folders: the "mods.d" folder & the "modules" folder. The zip archive should be of the "rawzip" zip format (as opposed to some other types of "zip" compression) and the folder structure should be correct as well.

FYI, I have installed "rawtext" modules via zip archives uploaded to PocketSword with no issues.
Also, please note that this method is fairly unsupported: not only does the folder structure within the zip archive have to be correct, but if you use some commercial ZIP archivers (for example, this hasn't been tested with archives created with WinZip) it may not work. This is why the CrossWire modules available in "zip" format in the CrossWire repository (available at ) are available in both "win" form and "rawzip" format, I believe?

I'm glad you got this to work -- however, I wouldn't suggest any other people jailbreak their iPhones in order to install modules this way! :)

God Bless, and I'm glad PocketSword is useful for you :)
Please PM me with your email address and your iPhone's UDID if you are interested in beta testing - the next beta should come out in mid-January :)
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