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Posted by dmsmith at Nov 19, 2009 7:49:50 PM
Re: Any documentation for IMP formatting?
You bring up several different issues here:
a) a module created by osis2mod would not show up in MacSword.
b) You want to know how to use the imp format.

Regarding a), it would be good to figure out why it would not show up. There could be a variety of reasons. It would be interesting if BibleDesktop could see it. If neither could, then it might merely be an improper install. But if BD could and MS could not it might mean that MS has a problem.

Regarding b), you've already figured out how to label each entry correctly. Suffice it to say that you can put anything you want after the key line. But that precisely is the problem. Unless you craft the plain-text, GBF, TEI, ThML or OSIS exactly as SWORD expects the module won't work well.

The purpose of osis2mod is to take any valid OSIS document and transform it into something that SWORD and JSword (and their front-ends) can handle. It changes non-verse container elements into milestones and ensures that the input is converted to UTF-8 NFC form. It will also properly split interverse material between adjacent verses and mark the material prepended to the verse in a manner that SWORD requires. It will also optionally compress the module.

The current version of osis2mod requires the use of SWORD 1.6.0. (So if you are using a version of MacSword that uses SWORD 1.5.9, you will have problems.)

The sword-devel mailing list is a better place to discuss module making and problems such as this.

If you haven't visited the wiki, it is a wealth of module-making information. Especially for OSIS Bibles.

In Him,