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Posted by Nocturnmidnight at Sep 6, 2009 8:11:32 PM
Services/ Contextual Menu Items for MacSword 2 in Snow Leopard
Great work on the new Beta folks. It's looking awesome!!!

Has any one done anything with the new Services in Snow Leopard?
I was trying to find something to replace a contextual menu plugin that no longer exists in Snow Leopard and figured out how to create my own via Automator/Services in SL.
This is what I came up with for MacSword.


They should go in "/Users/"Your Home Folder"/Library/Services"
There is one for searching text and one for searching references eg. "Exodus 1:7"

I had one for MacSword 1.4.3 but I never got the one working right for references. The integrated search box in the new Beta version made is easy to make it work.
Now I can select text any where and have it be searched in MacSword! All from the contextual menu.

It is dependent on how you have your Default Session set up. You have to have an open module upon MacSword opening.
You also have to have MacSword in you Applications folder.

You can always edit the Service in Automator.