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Posted by dhcolesj at Apr 6, 2004 10:01:19 PM
Re: KDE3.2/Bibletime Problems
All of those instructions would be in the dowload files themselves. Basically if you follow the links on the main page you'll find the rpm's and the source files. Extract the source file into a temp directory and read the included README's.
After you download and install Sword (assuming you have done that already), to compile BT you basically do the following:
(I find I am more sucessfull with this stuff if I do things in this order)
change into temp directory where BT source was extracted.
sux -
./configure --prefix-/<location of KDE3 homedir> (example on SUSE 9 would be ./configure --prefix-/opt/kde3)
make install
then optionally test by typing:
PS doing a ./configure --help will show you the syntax for the --prefix option as well as other helpful hints.