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Posted by arthurclarke at Aug 23, 2009 10:02:25 AM
How do I make "ot1nt2" reading calendar work?
I have tried the Alkitab version of Sword for Mac and love the "ot1nt2" (OT once - NT twice per year) reading calendar. Alkitab is not stable for me so I wanted to add this reading calendar to MacSword.

I searched these forums and found an old thread with a link to "ot1nt2" file--with exact instructions on how to make it work in the "2006" version of Sword. However, these instructions do not work at all for me in the latest 2009 version of MacSword 2.0.0xx.

Can someone more technical than me help me make this work? I love this reading plan. (iMac G5, OS X 10.5.7)

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Posted by dmsmith at Nov 20, 2006 5:48:11 AM
Re: Custom reading calendar
BibleDesktop supports reading plans. It has a reading plan that starts in Genesis and Matt and goes through the OT once in a year and the NT twice.

To replace this plan with your own, do the following:
Grab the following files and edit the content to your liking:

Rename it to:

Place in
~/.jsword, if you are on Linux
~/Application Data/JSword, if on Windows (~ is typically c:/Documents and Settings/yourID, where yourID is your id)
~/Library/Application Support/JSword on the Mac

If you email your reading plan to or, I'll add it to BibleDesktop as another reading plan.