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Posted by timchase at Aug 20, 2009 1:50:41 AM
OSIS2mod cipher not working
I have been using osis2mod Rev 2435 and there is no difference in the generated module when the cipher switch is on or off.
Program output with the switch on is:

You are running osis2mod: $Rev: 2435 $
Adding cipher filter with phrase: abcd1234efgh5678

in either case the generated module comes up in Sword without a keyphase in the config file.

In addition I did a test to see if I could extract the data out of the modules with mod2vpl and the output in both cases is the same. Completely readable. My expectation is that the ciphered module should not be readable.

I'm running the windows versions of these programs.

I'm working with a Bible Society to show them that their bible version can be encrypted but I'm having no success in showing them that their bible can be encrypted in the SWORD program.

For what its worth. I've done extra tests with the sample kjv.xml osis file and it also when run through osis2mod with the cipher key param used does not produce an encrypted module. I've created modules using the options to create a zipped and encrypted module as well as a raw and encrypted module with the same results(not encrypted). All created test modules are readable in SWORD but do not require a key. And all created modules can have their text extracted without a key.
Am I missing something? The osis2mod does not throw any errors at all.