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Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 16, 2009 2:51:46 PM
Re: MacSword 2 beta announcement
For me, moving .swd files to the same level as the application (/Applications/MacSword) does nothing, and installing to "~/Library/Application Support" crashes the programme immediately (I tried different modules – one at a time –, including GerHfa2002, Wulfila, KJV, Afr1953).

Right, for some reason the modules at application level are not loaded.
Hmm, need to debug that.
However that neither works in MacSword 1.4.3 here.

For me, MacSword 1 opens the Modules in /Applications/MacSword/Modules (MacSword 1 is at "/Applications/MacSword/MacSword" since I downloaded MacSword 2β as

Ok, you have set this as the module path in MacSword preferences.
MacSword 2 has a fix path which is the one in "Application Support".
The reason for this is that we agreed to this path as other applications like BibleDesktop and BibleTime also use this path for module lookup.

If you move away "~/Library/Application Support/Sword" and start MacSword, does it crash?

It does not crash unless .swd modules are in that directory.

Which ones?
Did you try adding one, start MacSword and see if it crashes. If not, put another one in, if yes, move the module out and try another one until it is clear which of the modules are causing trouble.
I'm using .swd modules, too and this is working. The only thing I can imagine is that it is a module that is causing the crash when MacSword is trying to load it.
So we need to find out in your case which one it is.