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Posted by clarval at Aug 16, 2009 1:11:03 PM
Re: MacSword 2 beta announcement
For me, moving .swd files to the same level as the application (/Applications/MacSword) does nothing, and installing to "~/Library/Application Support" crashes the programme immediately (I tried different modules – one at a time –, including GerHfa2002, Wulfila, KJV, Afr1953).

Right, for some reason the modules at application level are not loaded.
Hmm, need to debug that.
However that neither works in MacSword 1.4.3 here.

For me, MacSword 1 opens the Modules in /Applications/MacSword/Modules (MacSword 1 is at "/Applications/MacSword/MacSword" since I downloaded MacSword 2β as

If you move away "~/Library/Application Support/Sword" and start MacSword, does it crash?

It does not crash unless .swd modules are in that directory.

In that case actually the folder should get created again but MacSword should at least start.

Indeed, it does.