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Posted by Osk at Jul 16, 2009 3:41:36 AM
Re: Using cipherraw with bible modules
I have successfully created bible modules in both raw and compressed format. I'm working with a bible society and they are wanting me to protect their bible from unauthorized manipulation. I have run the cipherraw utility against the raw files in the modules/texts/rawtext/modname directory and the output from the utility shows up one directory back in the rawtext directory with new file names like etc.
the question is:
Where do I place these new files following running of the cipherraw utility?

The new files may be moved to the previous module location and should have the same names as the old files. So for uncompressed files, you will want nt, nt.vss, ot, & ot.vss files (assuming both an Old & New Testament).

Is the only other necessary addition to the config file cipherkey="xxxxxxx"?


Can I also run cipherkey against compressed files?

No, cipherraw will always output uncompressed files. (You can run it on compressed files, but it will output uncompressed ones.)

To produce a compressed ciphered module, you can use mod2zmod, which will accept a cipherkey argument. Also, the osis2mod utility will accept a cipherkey argument, so if your source document is an OSIS document, you can import, compress, and encipher with a single program.