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Posted by jlfmusic at Jul 14, 2009 10:04:43 PM
Re: Strong's Number?
This is a bug and it has not been fixed - the "3588 ophelimos" bug that happens when using the KJV with Strong's Greek in Tiger and Jaguar versions of MacSword was never fixed and mdbergmann said that the problem would be fixed in 2.0, which is a Leopard-only version, and that the new release will not be coded for Tiger. So, if you are using Tiger or Jaguar, you are stuck with buggy releases.

What happens is that many of the words are incorrectly followed by a Strong's reference to 3588 ophelimos with the accurate entry number following the colon. If you click on the link, the entry for 3588 will open and you have to manually type in the correct number in the box to get the correct entry for the word.

Since I do a lot of word study using Strong's, it is really time consuming and aggravating that it doesn't work properly because this bug shows up quite frequently. But, it is a free program and, as the old saying goes - you get what you pay for. Although I haven't used them for a while, I don't recall the PC version of Sword or eSword having this problem or any significant bugs in either of them.

The whole software game - whether non-profit, non-commercial, or commercial - is directed at attempting to force people to upgrade to the latest operating system and the latest upgrade for your software - well, enough is enough. Since the program code is getting more and more bulky with added features, security and personal data collection code - requiring more memory to run and ever-faster processors - you take my meaning. Many people are making a lot of money from those who choose to pay for every upgrade and buy new hardware so they can run them.