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Posted by Osk at Jun 24, 2009 11:11:44 PM
Re: Sword for MS Vista
I would recommend re-installing. If you can live with losing all of your Sword settings, it would be a good idea to delete all of the files with a .conf extension in C:\Program Files\CrossWire\The SWORD Project. The other possible source of a problem is a bad module, in which case you may want to contact us at with a list of installed modules. But it may simply be the case that one of the modules was incompletely downloaded, causing problems for the program.

There are no known problems with The SWORD Project for Windows and Vista (nor Windows 7 beta 1--I haven't tried Win7 RC1). Most people, myself included, have had no problems when running the program in Vista.

If you have the Strong's Greek Bible Dictionary installed, it will be listed in the Hide/Show module list for the lexicon & dictionary panel (at the bottom). It's listed as StrongsGreek. It's not possible for the dictionary to be installed and visible as a tab but not show up in this list.