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Posted by jonmmorgan at Apr 28, 2009 3:51:36 AM
Re: Python Web Application
I am not aware of any plans for another web application. It would certainly be possible to write such an application using the SWIG bindings. The Python bindings are maintained by the BPBible developers and work well. You could also look at the BPBible modules swlib and backend, which add additional useful methods and wrappers (and in the case of backend) renders the text as we want it (which may not be how you want it, but that's another matter).

What exactly are you wanting to do? Do you have any particular plans to make a web application, and if so about how it will be distinguished from biblegateway and friends, or where it will be hosted?

Should you go ahead with such a thing, I am not clear about the distribution status of any copyrighted modules that you use. It would be worth checking this to make sure you are able to serve passages from such works before you include them.