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Posted by mdbergmann at Mar 22, 2009 11:59:29 AM
Re: Workflow on beta 2
Hi David.

But one question: where is the cool "mouse-over" feature from version one?
I used the TSK and then I only hovered with the mouse over these links and they
appeared in a floating window... it would be great if this feature will be onboard soon...

Well, this is already there. But the text is shown in the "Preview Panel" instead of tool tips.
Checkout the "Preview Panel" in the "Windows" main menu. Or press OPTION-COMMAND-P.

and one last question: when I create a personal commentary... will you implement a option for a comfortable export in a text, doc, pdf, html file!?!?

Yeah, why not. A proper print view will be done in the near future. With that you can print to PDF but also HTML and TXT could be done.